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What HR Professionals Need to Know About Medical Claim Files

Managing plan costs can be challenging for employers and their HR teams.  Not only is the process of obtaining and securing the claim file in a HIPAA compliant environment necessary, understanding how to review and interpret the data is imperative to identifying those areas that are contributing to escalating costs.  The first step is to

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The CAA Provides Employers Access to Claim Files

A Guide To Protecting Your Data The Consolidated Appropriations Act  (CAA) provides access to claims data and is a valuable resource for employers, providing them with a treasure trove of information about employee healthcare utilization, costs, and demographic patterns. By effectively harnessing this data, employers can gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions to

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A case study: medical savings solution that delivered real results!

A small self-funded employer group was spending about $500k annually on medical expenses and needed a way to contain costs. The group had little insight into the types of claims that were driving costs, if claims were being processed according to plan provisions, or if provider bills were correct. The MMN solution was able

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The Case for Medical Navigators

At the heart of most economic conversations today is the cost of healthcare. Most consumers see it as an ever-escalating expense. At the heart of these complaints are almost always the relationship between the patient, the provider, and the insurance company. Who ends up left out? The employer that sponsors 83% of American worker’s health

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The Rising Cost of Healthcare-A National Crisis

A recent survey out by Pew Research Center cites that Americans rank Reducing Health Care Costs, as a top priority for the president and Congress to address in 2023. Second, only to strengthening the economy and tied with defending against terrorism. This is a strong statement about the state of our healthcare delivery system. The

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My Medical Navigator

As we launch My Medical Navigator, I wanted to take a moment to recognize the passing of one our founding team members, Jack Pustilnik. Sadly, on August 6th, we lost our honored colleague, dear friend, and remarkable man of many talents, who touched the lives of so many. Having had the privilege to work alongside Jack for so many

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