From the very first customer touchpoint all our business processes are accomplished using a technology-forward system, Sigman.  My Medical Navigator’s proprietary, HIPAA secure, and web-based, platform that helps solve many of the toughest issues that employees face when dealing with complex and costly medical claim issues.  It gives us piece of mind knowing that our solutions are performed with accuracy, efficiency, and comply with the highest regulatory requirements.

  • Automated Workflow Efficiency automates many aspects of the investigative process when addressing complex claims issues, leading to faster resolution for your employees.
  • Advanced Data Analytics aggregating and analyzing claims data provides employers valuable insights as to where their healthcare investment is going and  better manage risk associated with escalating costs.
  • Cost Comparison – analyzes large amounts of data in key geographic locations to provide total cost and out-of-pocket estimates on future medical procedures. It further serves as a benchmark for cost-savings opportunities.
  • Bulk Claim Auditing – Sigman can automate many routine tasks associated with auditing claims.  Identifying trends and patterns freeing up our Navigators to focus on those claims that present as high-risk or problematic for errors.
  • Encrypted Databases provides a safe and secure environment to accomplish all of this work.