The Technology Behind our People

As the consumer-directed healthcare industry’s leading medical price transparency and insights solution, My Medical Navigator’s™ technology platform, powered by Talon™, enables participants to shop for their medical care and make smart, informed decisions about how and when they manage their discretionary healthcare spending. Allowing both employers and employees to better control costs.

Why this is so important

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  • Lack of knowledge about medical test and procedure costs leads to more than $850 billion in advertent wasteful spending annually in the U.S.
  • Higher claims costs for plans means higher out-of-pocket and deductible spending for employees, but it also means higher claims spending for self-funded groups, higher premiums for fully insured groups, and higher utilization rates for employers using HRAs.
  • MMN estimates that the average employer wastes almost 41% on their annual healthcare spend on ineffective utilization, inadequate healthcare literacy, and a lack of navigation solutions for employees and employers.
  • Aligning financial incentives among all stakeholders—the employees, their dependents, and the employer—is critical for driving meaningful engagement, reducing costs, and reducing wasteful spending.

Better Technology Yields Better Results

Features of MyMedicalShopper™

  • MMN has access to the largest data base in the industry bringing confidence with medical pricing 3.8 BILLION medical claims annually
  • CDH (command and data handling) software integration ensures seamless transfers of data and portal facilitation
  • Health Plan integration
  • Portability
  • Employer Dashboard
  • Employee portal with benefit insights
  • Powerful claims analytics
  • Unparalleled ease of use

Employees can now access the tools they need to make informed decisions at the EXACT moment they need them!

Employers can now quantify potential savings!

Historical and concurrent medical claims is pushed through our proprietary claims data engine to discover precisely how much savings opportunity lives in your group’s annual healthcare spend.