Where can I find a list of health insurance terms?

My Medical Navigator features a glossary of terms you can download.

What is a standard bill, and why is it important?

A standard hospital bill is the statement you receive after a hospital or doctor’s office visit. It’s generally a summary of services including a list of charges, discounts, insurance payments (or anticipated payments), and what you owe. While hospitals send a standard bill after medical services are rendered, it’s always advisable to ask for an itemized statement listing all services delivered.

How do I know what I am responsible for paying?

You can determine the balance of what you owe by subtracting the insurance payment(s) and any insurance adjustment(s) from the billed charges.

What if my insurance denied my claim?

First, review the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to find out the reason the for denial. If it’s a benefit coverage issue, your next step is to appeal the decision. If the denial is a result of a duplicate charge or coding challenge, then contact the provider to resolve the issue and resubmit the claim.

What financial assistance for medical bills is available to me?

Many providers have a variety of financial assistance programs for those who can’t pay their bills due to income or catastrophic situations. The amount you receive will depend on your condition and income.

How do I initiate a settlement request or negotiate my claim?

You’ll need all your medical claim documentation with dates, locations, and billing information. You may have to request or negotiate with each individual provider separately as they often have different policies, but our Medical Navigators can help you every step of the way.

Glossary of Terms

Download this glossary to inform conversations with our Medical Navigators.