About Us

30 Years of Healthcare Experience

We are a passionate group of seasoned healthcare leaders with a desire to change the current state of the healthcare ecosystem. We have experienced first-hand how confusing and overwhelming dealing with complex claims issues can be and are determined to change the status quo. We were recognized by the Obama Administration as outstanding Navigators and awarded the designation of Federal Navigators.

Tech-Savvy, Advocacy-Centric

While technology plays a critical role in our service delivery model, when combined with decades of expertise by our extraordinary Navigators, it becomes possible for employers and their employees to receive the absolute best experience available. Our best-in-class technology platform provides us with the data and tools we need to ensure our employers have access to valuable insights that will transcend how you view and manage your plan. While many programs have failed to deliver significant cost savings, a breakthrough has arrived! My Medical Navigator™, is a solution that combines extensive experience in personal care navigation with cutting-edge technology to pinpoint valuable cost-saving opportunities for both the organization and its employees.