About Us

30 Years of Healthcare Experience

We are a passionate group of seasoned healthcare leaders with a passion for helping financially and medically vulnerable individuals access affordable care. Over the past 3 decades in this industry, we recognized a significant coverage and affordability gap with working Americans. We experienced first-hand how confusing and overwhelming dealing with complex claims issues can be and decided to create an affordable solution to help employers and employees navigate these challenges.

Tech-Savvy, Patient-Centric Solutions

While technology plays a critical role in our service delivery, when combined with decades of expertise by our extraordinary Navigators and time-tested patient-centric solutions, it becomes possible for your employees to receive the absolute best experience available.

Independent, Personalized Service

We do not represent the insurance companies or hospitals. Our advice is tailored to what benefits you and your employees the most. We are not influenced by big insurance, big pharma, or big anything.