How We Do It

The My Medical Navigator experience is designed to create a simple and effective course of action to overcome the barriers that exist in today’s healthcare delivery system, at a fair and affordable price.

Roadmap to Informed, Empowered Employees

By adopting these four service strategies, employers can help create a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce, while also reducing the financial burden of healthcare costs for both themselves and their employees

Benefits Plan Navigator

We teach employees how to best align their medical utilization with their plan policies and adopt informed healthcare spending behaviors to avoid costly out of pocket expenses.

Medical Bill Navigator

Negotiates and resolves billing disputes, denials, and network choices.

Complex Claim Navigator

Reviews and consolidates all bills and reconciles carrier payments to the insurance explanation of benefits.

Cost Comparison Navigator

Helps employees shop around to find the best rates and options with up to 80% savings in categories such as retail pharmaceuticals.

Independent Advocacy and Advice for Employers

Our reviews and analysis are tailored to your company claims experience, location, and specific demographic. Because we are not affiliated with any carrier, TPA, or healthcare provider, our recommendations are completely aligned with the needs of your organization and not influenced by other market objectives. We are not influenced by big insurance, big pharma, or big anything.

Baseline Comparison Navigator

We combine your organization’s claim history with local, state, and national claims data to create a baseline cost comparison analysis.

Bulk Claim Navigator

Identifies cost drivers and utilization trends to develop internal awareness campaigns.

Employee Benefits Marketing Plan

We help employers keep communication front and center and engagement strong with employees.

Claims Audit Navigator

Make sure you and your employees are only paying for what you receive; up to 80% of bill audits result in a corrected claim!